Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Purell Addiction

I am beginning to realize I have a Purell addiction. Other people are addicted to chocolate, the really stupid ones are addicted to alcohol and dope, and the really interesting ones are addicted to foreign language movies or knitting, I quite frankly have a rather eccentric addiction.

I blame my addiction on my doctor. Last winter I suffered from 6 bouts of flu. I didn't keep catching the flu virus - I was the flu virus. After my doctor refused to give me antibiotics yet again telling me that "It's a virus - let it wear it's course" (I HATE it when they say that - I am not a horse that I need to finish the lap and continue at a gallop even when I have a rather lousy jockey on board!) After my sixth visit to him in 3 months he finally told me after I have any contact with humanity, I need to wash my hands and /or Purell (note how "purell" has now become a verb as in "to purell" meaning "disinfect your hands") . The uncomfortable truth was that I was allergic to mankind.

So after this piece of advice from my lovely doctor, I started investing in Purell. I tried carrying the small one with me in my purse, and had a large one at home. First the smell of Purell was turn off - it was acidic, medicinal, and simply to chemical. But then a strange thing happened - I stopped being sick. Seriously! No more flu, colds, nothing- just a lot of Purell.

I even started to use it on Baby M's hands when we were in the garden or playground. She hated it at first but now she sees the Purell bottle and comes running to disinfect her hands! I really don't know if this substance is good for kids, but she hasn't turned green and is chirpy as ever so I guess it's ok.

Generally, I was happy with the good health, me, Baby M, and my husband were enjoying and I attributed it largely to the wonderful folks at Purell. Today I was shopping at Walmart (sorry Jill - I actually LIKE Walmart) and at the checkout counter I noticed that I actually have 10 small Purell bottles and 3 large ones. By itself, it didn't seem like a lot, but when I went to put the bottles in places, I found I already had one there - in some cases like my purse I already had 2. I have 3 in the car - one in the glove compartment, next to the drivers seat, and one in the back seat pocket. I actually make everyone in the car but Purell on their hands before I switch the ignition on. It's my contribution to a germ free world.

So I guess if I had to be addicted to something, Purell is about as strange an addiction as you can get. Mind you, I do not snort it, or burn it or do anything with it that I was not meant to do. So in that way, I guess it's ok. But of all the addictions in the world to have - why oh why did I have to get such an eccentric one.

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Anonymous said...

maybe purell should be snorted for colds.